• Oncogynecology Clinic
    Oncogynecology Clinic
  • Surgery Clinic: Department of General & Laparascopic Surgery 2
    Surgery Clinic: Department of General & Laparascopic Surgery 2
  • Surgery Clinic: Department of General & Laparascopic Surgery 1
    Surgery Clinic: Department of General & Laparascopic Surgery 1
  • Surgery Clinic: Department of General & Laparascopic Surgery 2
    Surgery Clinic: Department of General & Laparascopic Surgery 2
  • Ophthalmology Clinic
    Ophthalmology Clinic
  • Ophthalmology Clinic
    Ophthalmology Clinic
  • Therapeutic Clinic: Pulmonology Department
    Therapeutic Clinic: Pulmonology Department
  • Nairi-Coxa Clinic
    Nairi-Coxa Clinic
  • Dental Clinic
    Dental Clinic
  • Intensive Therapy and Resuscitation Unit
    Intensive Therapy and Resuscitation Unit
  • Surgery Clinic: Operating Theater
    Surgery Clinic: Operating Theater
  • Therapeutic Clinic: Angioneurology Department
    Therapeutic Clinic: Angioneurology Department



Dear visitors!

I welcome you on the official website of the Nairi Medical Center.

Nairi Medical Center is the leading medical institution of the Republic of Armenia, where both for local population and foreigners we provide multidisciplinary, highly qualified medical care in accordance with world standards.

Today in Nairi Medical Center in the treatment of the patient a wide range of innovative technologies and methodologies is used.

Thanks to scientific, clinical and educational activities of specialists, cooperation with foreign leading medical institutions, constantly introduced modern technologies and methodologies from leading companies: Siemens, Dreger, Storz, Rosh, Olympus, Nairi Medical Center acquired wide recognition both in our country and abroad.

In the MC Nairi, multidisciplinary teams have been created in various specialties, which give advantages in the process of correct diagnosis and treatment of patients, especially in complex and severe cases. So, the Therapeutic Multidisciplinary Team includes such specialists as neurologist, oncologist, gynecologist, cardiologist, surgeon and others. The Multidisciplinary Team on Surgery allows specialists to perform combined surgical intervention in case of complex and combined surgical pathology. There was also created an Oncological Multidisciplinary Team, which includes specialists-oncologists of various profiles. This allows us to quickly and accurately diagnose and jointly develop a single tactic and strategy for the comprehensive treatment of cancer patients, taking into account the opinions of specialists in various fields, even in extremely difficult cases.

Patients can immediately get advice from several specialists. During the council of the multi-disciplinary team in the Nairi MC, it is also possible to hold a discussion and get the opinion of well-known specialists from other hospitals in Armenia and abroad using telemedicine technologies.

Almost all departments and clinics of the Nari Medical Center have a well-known partner clinic and cooperate with the world's leading clinics. These specialists periodically visit the center and conduct consultations, treatment or surgical interventions, introducing new methods of diagnosis and treatment into the clinical practice.

In MC Nairi patients can receive highly qualified professional services in 24/7 format, day and night, including diagnostics and treatment services.

The Nairi Medical Center is one of the main clinical bases of the Yerevan State Medical University. M. Heratsi. There are ample opportunities for scientific research, including postgraduate and doctoral studies.

Nairi Medical Center also focusing its careful attention on the training of nursing staff, in accordance with international educational standards and programs.

An individual approach to each patient is a guarantee of quality of medical care. This is the motto and basic principle of the work of the Nairi Medical Center.

The administration and the staff of the center make every effort to provide highly qualified, effective and safe treatment for patients.

I wish you good health!

Yours faithfully
Harutyun Kushkyan