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Why the feet get cold? The specialist answers to a reader’s question

02 June 2020 | News | Therapy | Ruzanna M. Amyan

Answering the reader’s question: why feet get cold, Ruzanna Amyan, general practitioner at Nairi MC mentioned, that this has recently become a frequent complaint. This might have many reasons which are divided into pathological and physiological. 

A symptom is considered pathological if it is associated with some diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism , heart failure, arterial hypertension, hypotension, anemia, vascular diseases (endarteritis, thrombosis, Raynaud's disease) etc.  The specialist explains that in each of the disease mentioned above, microcirculation disorder occurs in the extremities, for example, disorders of blood supply to small vessels or disruption of thermoregulatory processes in case of hypothyroidism. 

Physiological causes are conditioned by the age changes, such as poorly pronounced thermoregulation in children. Adults’ thermoregulation as well as other processes is reduced. In addition, they have some age-related vascular changes due to lesser mobility as compared to young people. Adynamia(immobility) which is quite an urgent topic in recent years is also considered a physiological cause. Improper diet might be one of the causes. In some patients who frequently complained of cold feet, shortage of micro-elements and vitamin deficiency was revealed as a result of a long-term diet. 

In accordance with doctor’s words, habits also can cause cold feet (smoking, crossed leg sitting) by reducing blood circulation in the lower extremities. 

To clarify the reason the doctor advised to examine first. If after examination it comes out that the patient has some diseases, they should be referred to an appropriate specialist and receive the proper treated. But if there is no pathology the patient should reconsider physical activity and diet, dress properly. Contrast shower may also be helpful, that is a good way to regulate blood circulation in the legs, but it is not recommended in case the patient has varicose veins.

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