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How not to cure heartburn?

08 September 2021 | Popular articles | Digestive System, Stomach

Pharmacies offer many "antacids" (Latin for anti-acid) preparations that contain aluminum. The specific names of the drugs will not be mentioned, but it should be noted that in the United States, in a number of other developed countries, it is forbidden to use aluminum-containing antacids for children and the elderly for internal use. Why?

Scientists have found that an excess of aluminum in the human blood dramatically reduces the level of phosphorus, which is an important element for the body, especially in the process of building brain structures. It has been proven that children with long-term phosphorus deficiency in the blood suffer from a pronounced decrease in intellect, memory, speed of reactions.

Therefore, the above problem is worrying. Expensive anti-burn preparations provided to the patient, can be taken for no more than 3-4 weeks.

Do not use soda, which reduces the acidity of the stomach for a few minutes, after which it rises, creating a threat of rupture of the thin wall of the duodenum, bleeding, and other complications dangerous to life and health.

It is more expedient to see a doctor. There is a possibility that it would be necessary to have investigations to find out the causes of heartburn and find a way to eliminate this unpleasant symptom.

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