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A team of highly qualified medical professionals and multi-profile approach

03 August 2017 | Popular articles

There are many arguments for the effectiveness of a multidisciplinary team in a multi-profile clinic. As the number of cases of complex combined diseases has increased, a multi-profile approach to diagnosis and treatment is needed. This requires the group integration of specialists in different fields in order to make a complex diagnosis and develop an optimal treatment strategy.

Multidisciplinary groups of different profiles (surgical, therapeutic, oncological, etc.) have been established in "Nairi" MC, the work of which helps to improve and accelerate the diagnostic process, as well as optimize the treatment, reducing possible complications and side effects.

If necessary the achievements of telemedicine technologies are also applied during the meetings of the multidisciplinary team to discuss the patient's diagnosis or treatment for advice from foreign and local well-known and leading specialists.

The multidisciplinary therapeutic team consists of different specialists: neurologist, oncologist, gynecologist, cardiologist, surgeon, etc.

The multidisciplinary surgical team provides the opportunity to perform combined surgeries at the same time in case of complex surgical pathology.
A multi-professional oncology team has been established at Nairi MC, which includes oncologists-specialists of different profiles. This enables an integrated, rapid, accurate diagnosis, and a comprehensive cancer treatment strategy and strategy, even in extremely difficult cases.

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